UCB 101, Mom’s Day, And a Birthday

I had my UCB 101 Graduation Show last week. It ended up being a lot of fun, but I was also INCREDIBLY nervous. My Mom and Uncle came all the way from Tahoe. Conveniently, the show fell on Mothers Day and my Uncle Eddie’s Birthday! We hit three awesome things with one stone! So, my mother being Kelly Gardner and Uncle Eddie being her brother, drove down Saturday afternoon, and headed to the hotel to promptly leave the next day after my matinee show. I thought that since they were only going to be here for 15 hours (an hour longer than the travel time) we should probably go to an 80’s themed bar at the awesome hotel I booked. My mom an uncle got to the hotel before I did and said they couldn’t believe the hip-ness of the hotel. “The Line” is a super hip hotel. Awesome. But hip. We got up to our hip concrete walled room and Uncle Eddie explained that we could actually stay in a place almost exactly like this… Instead we could use taxpayers’ money, and spend the night somewhere that looked remarkably similar… in jail! The room was way more badass than a jail cell. I am not speaking from experience, but from what I hear. We had an awesome view of the other buildings in downtown. That might come off sarcastic, but it’s sincere, it was an amazing view that made you feel like you were in a shorter NYC. After a lot of laugher, and salame schats bakery roll sandies, and inspecting the intimacy kit that was basically just $20 for a condom, we decided that if we were going to go to the bar/club, that we should go before “we” want to go to bed. So we headed to the Break Room 86. We stood at the loading dock anxiously, wondering if we were going to get in. I thought we would, considering it was a group of super sluts. Just kidding, I thought we were fine cause it was a small group, that just wanted to check it out. The bouncer was kind, and let us in.

This place has it all. Head Spinners, skirt wearers, secret entrances, stick holder-olive piercers, you know, that thing where the bar tender Shay, holds a stick in his mouth and throws an olive in the air and catches is on the stick? Yeah okay, got the Steffan out of my system. But in all honesty, this place rocks. They only play good music. Meaning, music everyone can sing along to. I act/danced out the 80’s classic, “I Touch Myself,” by: The Divinyls, complete with a kick ass knee slide. This place just makes me happy. The first time I went, was with a friend from college, his buddy from high school, that buddy’s pal from college, and then that friends friend from growing up… you keeping up? Great. So this time was a little different, AND SO MUCH FUN. Mom was impressed with the detail in the décor and Uncle Eddie said that it was in fact a break dance show. I think we all agree the 8’ Michael Jackson impersonator was unreal and completely dead-on (pun intended). We also decided that the bouncer, looked like an African American version of RJ my brother. My mom wanted to take him back with us. A friend of a friend, Danielle, was so generous, and got us a round, that we didn’t need. We took it anyway. Who says no to another drink? AmIRight? So we had one more drink, laughed and reminisced the 80’s for a while longer, then headed out.

We made it back, without Amal. We got back to the room and all climbed into the king bed. Yep, I got middle! Mom said the would punch me in the face if I touched her. We ended up talking and laughing for probably an hour, Uncle Eddie would beg to differ, and say about 5 hours. Once up, mom and Uncle Eddie helped me pick out my perfect outfit for the show. We decided on a black T-Shirt, Neon Pink Pants and a Neon Windbreaker, from the 80’s. I should have worn it out to the club, but I wanted to look really good on stage.

The Sweet Bar!

The Sweet Bar!

Break Room 86 Time!

Break Room 86 Time!

Uncle Eddies Birthday, Mom's Mother's Day and Hanging at The Break Room 86

Uncle Eddies Birthday, Mom’s Mother’s Day and Hanging at The Break Room 86 OOPS and The eyes dont like the flash…  But the smiles are A+!

When we all got to the UCB Theater, we warmed up with a sing chain, “you are great”, all those sorts of things, and Will Hines (My favorite person at UCB) showed us the ropes. Where the green room is, which teams we were on, how to walk out on stage. He explained to us, that every person that is in UCB Imporv, has been through this exact show… I took comfort in that. Mostly at this point I was just excited. I learned the best thing that day, right before you walk on stage, you look at your team-mates, pat their back and say “I got your back.” I thought this was the best part. My heart was beating–out of my body? I don’t know where it was beating. I haven’t had my heart beat like that in a long time, and when Tim, and Gregg, Michael, Pete Tony and I, all looked in each others eyes, I knew that we really did all have each others backs. As we were all standing there waiting, When we walked out on stage, I sorta blacked out. I remember the lights being brighter than I expected and squinting. Our prompt word was “Carrot Cake”. I thought of a story, but was collecting my thoughts, then Pete told a very similar story so ALL IS GREAT. I could calm down a little.  I saw my uncle in the first row and then realized, that I just could be myself and it was going to be okay. At least one person would find everything funny.  We did a scene about poisoning a dog, and about a guy who is a top shelf fridge cleaner at work. I was feeling more relaxed when then I did a monologue, but sorta forgot how to form words.  My mom said that the words were coming out, but a rash was brewing on my face. Whoa just writing about it I’m getting all flushed. By the scene I was in, the rash was going from my cheek, down my neck, across my chest. Then I settled, and it went away. My mom said that “Probably, no one noticed….” BUT I SURVIVED! The show was over really quick. Especially with all that blacking out.

What I took away from the class was that Improv is fun. Not only because you are making people laugh (hopefully) but because you are a team. You want each other to succeed. You don’t want anyone to fail and if you can help them not fail, you do. I love that! WE GOT EACH OTHERS BACKS. I love that group of people and I have only known them 8 weeks. I know I will continue to see them. UCB was the best and I can’t wait to take the next class!


Hey, thanks Mom and Uncle Eddie for making the big trek down to support. It meant the world to me! Also thanks to Hillary, Tena, Jonny, Mike, Jane. Thanks also for coming. I’m really lucky to have you all! XO

My UCB Class! We are standing on the ceiling, because we are funny! Or because I don't know how to rotate it.

My UCB Class! We are standing on the ceiling, because we are funny! Or because I can’t figure out how to flip it. (From left to right, upside down, Towering Tara, Arthur I’m holding an Apple, Me Bouncing Becca, Go Gregg Go, Dancing Dayna, Tony the Tiger, Luscious Luke, Powerful Pete, Marvelous Michael, Tiny Tim, Naughty Nicole, and JUICY JAMIE! (not pictured from stopping class, Lovely Laurie and Android Aaron)

Post Show Selfie, in front of UCB

Post Show Selfie, in front of UCB Mom, Me, U.E. My bitchezzzzz. <3


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