Feature – An Unfinished Life        Griff/Lead                        Dir. Lasse Hollström/ Miramax
The Mirror                                     Violet/Lead                      Dir. Paul Tomborello/Studio Tombo
Whatever Happened To Alice      Bonnie&Alice/Lead         Dir. Linda Larson

Carñata                                         Claire/Lead                      Dir. Jeremy Katsen
Progress Vs. Neighborhood        Documentary                  Dir. Debra Watson
The End of Silence                       Featured                          Dir. Carmen Phelps


The Closer                                 Gracey/Guest Star TNT     Dir. Nelson McCormick
Grey’s Anatomy                        Bex/Guest Star ABC           Dir. Jessica Yu
The Practice                              Anna/Guest Star ABC        Dir. Jeanot Schwartz


The Grinch Who Stole Xmas    The Grinch                  Tahoe Student Actors
Mr. Bundy                                  Cassie                         Actors Conservatory No. NV
Scrooge                                    Cratachet Child            Farnon Prod./ Harrah’s
Cinderella                                 Solo Singing                 Missoula Children’s Theater
Fisherman and His Wife           Red Tape Dept.           Missoula Children’s Theater
(Full List Upon Request)


Advanced Technique                                                  Michael Woolson
Private Coaching                                                         Kaley Hummel
Scene Study workshop                                                Joey Paul Jensen
Cold Reading                                                               Marnie Cooper
Private Coaching, cold reading                                  Debra Watson
Actorsite, Angry Children Improv                               Jack Turnbul
Actors Conservatory of N. Nevada                            Brian Frishman
Kidsact Improv, comedy, Voiceover                          Trisha Simmons
On Camera Commercial Workshop                          Michael Donnovan

New York Film Festival             Best Supporting Actress- Whatever Happened To Alice
Reno Film Festival                    Best New Actress/ Rising Star- An Unfinished Life

Special Skills
Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Surfing, Soccer, Running, Softball, Horse Back Riding, Loves Animals,
American Sign Language, Certified Scuba Diver, DISTINCT UNIQUE VOICE